About us

We are family Lakić, Villa Maslinica, Maslinica - Island of Šolta Maslinica, Croatia

We are family Lakić

Villa Maslinica is a small craft company, founded in 2008 by the family Lakić. Within the company we offer a holiday house which was completely renovated and equipped with new contents in 2017. The house consists of a ground and one more floor with 3 double bedrooms, well equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms and spacious surroundings including the garden, the terrace, the barbecue and a fresh water pool with dimensions of 6 x 3 x 1,5 m. We tried to offer our guests top quality service that can match world standards, but at affordable prices. In our relationship with guests we always try to do more than the professional standards require, and in every moment we try to make sure or guests feel the traditional island hospitality. Thanks to all that, and especially to the beauty of the scenery, the pleasant climate and stunning beaches, many of our guests return to Villa Maslinica and the island of Šolta. Maslinica owes its name to old olive trees, which were, apart from the grape growing and fishing, the main source of income for this region.